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7W SMD G24 LED Plug Light Irradiation Distance/Illumination /Illumination Area

With the SMD LED made in Taiwan, the 7W SMD G24 LED plug light is available with the color temperature of 2700K to 6500K, as well as the color rendering index above 70. Its luminous flux reaches 70lm. The unique PCB circuit design allows the light to offer uniform luminance. Thus, our product is ideal for household indoor decoration, hotel guest room, corridors, market place, etc. Holding the advantages like no stroboflash, no noise generation, low power consumption, fast startup, and shock resistance, it belongs to the environmental and energy-saving products.

Input Voltage AC100~240V CRI Ra>70
Supply Frequency 50~60Hz Beam Angle >120°
Power Factor >0.9 LED Attenuation 1~6%/3,000Hrs
Power Efficiency >85% LED Color Temperature Warm White 3000 ± 300K
Natural White 4200 ±500K
White 6000±500K
Total Power 7W Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Luminous Flux 700lm Storage Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Light Efficiency 85~100lm/W Life span >50000H

Here below are the advantages of LED plug light, as well as the economic efficiency comparison between the 7W LED plug light and the traditional 20W energy saving light.

(1) The Comparison between the LED Plug Light and Energy Saving Light
Traditional Energy-saving Light LED Plug Light
Environmental Protection & Pollution If the traditional fluorescent lamp is broken, the mercury contained within the lamp will volatilize, and pollute the environment. Environmental Protection & Pollution LED plug light is free from mercury, and contains no lead. It is a green product.
Noise None Noise None
Eye Protection 100 to 120 times of stroboflash occurs per second, which will lead to the eyestrain. Eye Protection LED plug light will directly convert the alternating current into the direct current, thus eliminating the stroboflash. It can protect your eyes.
UV light The generated UV light will attract the mosquitoes, thus influencing the indoor sanitation and cleanliness. UV light No UV light will be generated.
Driving Voltage 100-240V Driving Voltage 90V-265V
Fastness Fragile Fastness LED plug light will not be damaged, even when it was smashed onto the floor. You can feel secure to use.
(2) The Economic Efficiency Comparison between the 7W LED Plug Light and the 20W Traditional Energy Saving Light (100 lamps)
Type Energy Saving Light LED Plug Light
20W 7W
Appearance -- H36 ×127mm
Installation Method E27/E26 E26/E27/G23/G24
The Actual Average Power Consumption 20W 7W
Light Source Utilization Ratio Full Angle luminous, relatively larger light loss. Direct light, no light loss.
Stroboflash The stroboflash will result in visual fatigue No stroboflash
Service Life 1 year At least 5 years
Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index Different color temperatures are available, and the color rendering index is 70. The true white light is commonly used. Various color temperatures are available. The color rendering index is generally above 75.
Illumination (2.5m distance) 26lux 28lux
Total Power Consumption(10Hrs/d) 20 ×10 ×100 ÷1000=20Kw 7 ×10 ×100 ÷1000=7Kw
Annual Power Consumption 20 ×365=7300Kw 7 ×365=2555Kw
Annual Electric Charge (1 Yuan/ Kw) 7300 Yuan 2555 Yuan
Energy Consumption Ratio 2.9 1
Annual Maintenance Cost (Material Cost) 7 ×100=700 Yuan 0
Annual Cost Savings -- About 4745 Yuan
Recoverability None recoverable

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