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Our LED panel light is furnished with SMD LED to provide excellent lighting effect, possessing the color rendering index greater than 70 and the color temperature available from 2700K to 6500K. By applying isolated power and constant current drive, our product is both safe and reliable. No pollution will be generated. Plus the wide voltage design, it is really applicable for worldwide use.

The outer border of this product is made of aluminum alloy through anodic oxidation. Therefore, the LED panel light enjoys the beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance. It has many installation methods like cantilever type, ceiling type, and so on. In conclusion, our product can directly replace the common fluorescent light like grille lamp in the areas including hotel, school, hospital, office, marketplace, and so on.

Joywin is a professional LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a comprehensive line of products, including LED ceiling light, LED tube light, LED street light, and LED spotlight, among others.

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