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Our LED candle light bulb applicable for wall lamp, crystal chandelier or others, is an environmental and energy efficient product offering high lighting effect without noise, UV light, stroboflash. It has fast start and excellent anti-shock performance. This product applies Taiwan SMD LED to offer the color temperature of 2700K and the color temperature greater than 70. With the fin-type housing which is made of 6063 aluminum, our candle light bulb has superior heat dissipation, thus ensuring the service life. Moreover, by adopting the constant current output and wide input voltage of AC100V to 240V, it features reliable performance with the power factor more than 0.45 and the efficiency exceeding 75%.

Comparison Table between 3W LED Candle Light Bulb and 25W Incandescent Lamp
Traditional Incandescent Lamp LED Candle Light Bulb
Environmental Protection and Pollution High heating temperature and thermal evaporation, greenhouse effect Environmental Protection and Pollution LED candle light bulb is a green product free from lead, and has no damage to the environment.
Noise None Noise None
Eye Protection Yes Eye Protection It can directly convert the alternating current into the direct current. No flickering appears.
UV Light None UV Light No UV light will be generated. The LED candle light bulb can ensure the room cleanness, free from mosquito.
Driving Voltage 100-240V Driving Voltage It can be applied to the voltage ranging from 90V to 265V.
Firmness Brittle Firmness It will not be easily damaged even hit the floor.
Comparison Table
Type Incandescent Lamp LED Candle Light Bulb
25W 3W
Size Φ35×100mm Φ38×117mm
Installation Method E14 E14
Actual Total Power Consumption 25W 3W
Strobe Frequency It flashes with voltage instability None
Lifespan 1000hours 20000hours
Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index 2600K/99 Various color temperature is available, and the color rendering index is greater than 75.
Total Electricity Consumption, 10 hours a day 25×10×100÷1000=25 Degree 3×10×100÷1000=3 Degree
Annual Power Consumption 25×365=9125 Degree 3×365=1095 Degree
Annual Electricity Charge(0.8Yuan per Degree) 7300Yuan 876Yuan
Energy Consumption Rate 8.3 1
Annual Maintenance Cost(material cost) 1.5×200=300Yuan 0
Cost savings -- 6724Yuan or so
Recoverability None Recyclable

With the E14 lamp cap, LED candle light bulb can start work instantly after being screwed directly on the lamp holder of the AC100 to 240V power supply.

1. LED candle light bulb is for indoor use only, and not applicable for dimmable lights and confined devices.
2. Before the installation, cut off the power.
3. Avoid the heat source, vapor, or corrosive gas.
4. Do not touch the product since the surface temperature will be easily increased if for long time illumination.

As a professional LED candle light manufacturer and supplier in China, Joywin offers a wide array of products that includes LED high bay light, LED downlight, LED spotlight, LED panel light, and more.

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